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Zhongda Motors Co., Ltd.

Zhongda Motors Co., Ltd. Motors is located in the national level high-tech development zone in Wuxi,Jiangsu.With an area of nearly 50,000㎡ and a production capacity of 2,500,000KW,the company now owns 457 staff,among which 138 are above college level,66 are technology developers,11 hold senior professional titles,2 are doctors and 19 hold medium professional titles.founded in 1993,Zhongda Motors has accumulated excellent professional competence and abundant human resources by 18-year professional experience in electrical machinery manufacturing .In recent years,the company has introduced a number of senior management and technical teams that are competitive and excellent in the electrical machinery industry,laying a solid foundation for its rapid development.

The main products are:Y2 Series three-phase asynchronous motor and derived series motor such as ZYS seiereis special use for compressor,YZS seireis special use for injection moulding machine,Y2VP series frequency variable motors,IP23 series motors,Y2D and Y2DT series special used for fans,high voltage motors,etc.Zhongda committed to provide reliable,high efficiency,low consumption and high performance motors to customers during the last 18 years.Zhongda Motors has the feature of low noise,small vibration,reliable,solid structure and beautiful appearance,they are widely used in the field of air compressor,pump,injection molding,textile,irrigation,fans,road building machine,etc.

Zhongda Motors Co., Ltd. has already authorized by ISO9001 quality system and European CE certification.With the right of self-operated import and export and quality license of exports,we can meet customers’demands with good products and all-round service.Our products are exported to Europe,Australia,Southeast Asia,the Middle East and some other countries and regions.

In 2010,Zhongda Motors Co., Ltd. has set its 3-year development strategy,in which high-voltage motors,low-voltage high-power motors and high-efficiency energy-saving motors will be vigorously developed with the focus shifted from small and medium size to large size.We strive to be one of the first class domestic electrical machinery enterprises within three years,creating the national brand in the electrical machinery industry.

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